How To Make Modeling Chocolate Roses

Hi my dear friends! Today I made for you a tutorial on how to make modeling chocolate roses. Those roses are beautiful to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies, tortes and also they make a gorgeous and delicious edible gift when beautifully packed.  

It is quite fun to make modeling chocolate roses since they are all hand shaped. Basically you will need a rolling pin, parchment paper and cutters. Enjoy!

How To Make Modeling Chocolate Roses

Dark Modeling Chocolate
(From the book The Well-Decorated Cake, Toba Garrett)

1 lb (454 g) semisweet or bittersweet dark chocolate
3/4 cup (8oz or 224 g) light corn syrup

Cut up the chocolate finely and place it in a stainless-steel bowl over a pot of boiling water. Turn off the heat under the boiling water. Let the chocolate melt, stirring occasionally until the chocolate is two-thirds melted.
Remove it from the pot and stir it with a rubber spatula until it is completely melted. Pour in the corn syrup all at once and stir until the chocolate thickens and begins to leave the sides of the bowl.
Pour the chocolate into plastic wrap. Place another sheet of pastil wrap over the chocolate and flatten it out. Refrigerate for 24 hours to age. 
Storage: Double wrap the modeling chocolate in plastic bag. it will keep in the refrigerator for 4 to 6 months.

 Once the modeling chocolate aged, take it out of the refrigerator and let it sit for 30 minutes. Cut the modeling chocolate into pieces and knead it with your palms. Wrap it in a piece of plastic wrap and microwave for 5 seconds on high. Reknead until the chocolate is pliable.
Form a ball of modeling chocolate into a cone shape to measure about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter.
To make the petals, roll out the modeling chocolate using a small rolling pin bettwen two parchement paper sheets. Make the petals using different sizes of the tear drop cutters or rose petal cutters. Increase the size of the cutters every layer.

Run your thumb around the sides of the petal for thinness.

Place the first two petals around the cone, raising the petal about one-third higher than the tip of the cone.

Wrap the petals around the cone, living a tiny hole at the top of the cone.

Wrap three petals around the two-petal layer so that they overlap one another.

Curl back the petals edges of the outer layer using your fingers to create movement so that they look more like real rose petals.

Next wrap the four petals around the three-petal layer, again tucking each petal into one another.

Next wrap the outer four petals around the four-petal-layer, again overlap the sides of the petals and curl the petal edges.

For a full-size bloom, shape more six petals using a larger cutter than the last petal layer.


  1. Wow, this is gonna be fun! Thank you for the tutorial!Love this!!!

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  3. I love, love, LOVE this tutorial! Actually everything you post is so beautiful, that it always makes me smile. :) Wonderful blog! Thank you for this, I'm gona try it soon!♥

  4. Vc deve ler nos pensamentos de quem te segue, porque qdo vi o ultimo post pensei exatamente como devriam ser feitas essas lindas rosas de chocolate que vc faz e... pimba! :) Aqui esta o "como fazer a rosa de chocolate"! Adorei! Obrigada pela aula. bjs, Lu

  5. Fantastic tutorial and so so pretty!

  6. Just so beautiful, I will have to give this a try

  7. Awesome tutorial! I love it and your rose is absolutely perfect. I can't wait to make it to top a layered cake. Very sophisticated. Thanks!!

  8. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! chintz teacups just for me???!!!! you rock!!! ;}

    m ^..^

  9. WOW! what a great idea to impress the friends with home made roses for your own chocolate cake. Thanks for the ideas.

  10. Oh- I came over here from OC Cottage and you are SO talented. As a matter of fact, if you weren't so darned cute and sweet I would probably jealously hate you because you are so talented......instead I will be your newest follower and shamelessly copy you as best I can! LOVE YOUR BLOG! xo Diana

  11. BRILLIANT! Seriously. Stop it. You're going to break the internet.

  12. Simply amazing and perfectly presented! Sigh!

  13. these are beautiful:)

  14. Are you serious?! I am drooling and gawking at the same time. I don't know whether to eat it or photograph it. Lovely!

  15. Thank you for sharing x

  16. Luciana: This chocolate rose is so pretty and elegant...You did a great job! Um bom domingo pra você!

    1. Muito obrigada, Denise! Tenha uma ótima semana! beijos



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