Mousse au Chocolat

I told you that last weekend I made boeuf bourguignon”, but I didn’t tell you what I made for dessert. Well, a famous French dish with French wine deserve a French delicious desert too! So, I made a Mousse au Chocolat that a learned in Paris. Believe me: it is incredibly delicious!

When I lived in England, I was having lunch with my dear friend Cake Design Layla. We were talking about culinary courses and our yearnings about our careers, when the movie Sabrina (1954) with Audrey Hepburn comes to my mind. It is a delightfully romantic story, which has some special things that make me dreaming. First, is the song La vie en rose, which is one of my favorite. Every time a listening it, I cry. Second, she went to study at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. When she arrived in Paris, she was a shy insecure girl, but after that, she has transformed into a sophisticated and stylish woman.
Then, after discuss the movie we asked ourselves: Why not Paris? And, inspired by the film Sabrina, we decide to go to Paris!!

It was my first culinary class at the renowned house Lenôtre. What happiness! Gaston Lenôtre, founder of the restaurant, catering, retail and cooking school empire Lenôtre, was the exacting patriarch of French pâtisserie. Pierre Hermé, one of France’s leading pastry chefs, became an apprentice at Lenôtre at 14, and for him “Mr. Lenôtre” dusted, lightened and modernized the heavy pastries of the 1950s, he made them lighter, more pleasureful, more desirable, and that’s fundamental in the world of pâtisserie.”

We attend the course “Le Chocolat de A à Z at “Pavillon Elysée Lenôtre”. I so impressed with the teachings. The chef François Schmitt had a lot of patience with us. According to him, the day was just wonderful sunny because we took the Brazilian sun with us to Paris! Lovely! Learn all those techniques were amazing. 

It is pretty easy to prepare a “Mousse au Chocolat”, but you need some attention with some procedures. The proportion of the ingredients shall be exactly the same as the recipe. You also need to control the temperature to melt the chocolate, using a thermometer. Add the eggs whites very carefully. Use a rubber spatula to do large circular movements, stirring from the bottom to top. If you overbeat the cream, it will be difficult to incorporate into to the chocolate. And the most important thing for me is: the quality of the chocolate. USE A GOOD CHOCOLATE!!!

Here some photos of our chocolate course:

And here some photos of the mousse I made:

Mousse au Chocolat
(Ecole de Pâtisserie du Pavillon Elysée Lenôtre, Paris)

500g chocolate 50% cocoa
120g egg yolks
200g eggs whites
300g whipped cream
100g granulated sugar
100g butter, cut into small pieces

Melt chocolate in double boiler. Beat the cream in a mixer at medium speed (almost whipped cream). Place the chopped butter in melted chocolate and mix, following the temperature to 90°F. Add the yolks to the chocolate stirring from the bottom to up. Place the egg whites and a teaspoon of sugar to hit on the mixer (put the sugar gradually increasing speed). Fold one-third of the egg whites into the chocolate quickly. Place the second and last gently. And finally put the whipped cream gently upwards. Then refrigerate.


  1. Awwww Lu, what a wonderful post! You wrote so beautifuly in such details that even if I wasn't sharing this amazing moment with you I would have feel this moment in my heart!

    Love the Lenotre history!! You are such a sophisticated and clever girl!!!

    This mousse is really delicious and I encourage everyone to try it!! ;)

  2. Lu, você é muito chique!! Vou tentar fazer! Vc comprou uma balança para medir estes ingredientes? Acho que vou precisar né?!


  3. Eu não conhecia o início da história! que bonitinha..adorei.hehe



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