Strawberry and Watermelon Cake

I was searching for a watermelon recipe on  Australian Gourmet Traveller site when I saw this amazing strawberry watermelon cake. It has layers of almond dacquoise, rose scented cream and watermelon, topping with strawberries, grapes and pistachios, all of them scented with rose. This recipe surprised me! A cake layered with watermelon is completely new for me and I knew that I should try it. Watermelon was always one of my favorite fruits. In fact, my mother told me when I was 2 years old, I opened the fridge, took a half watermelon and start eat sitting right on the floor in front of the fridge.

Another ingredient that caught my attention was the rose flavor. The first dessert that I eat with rose flavor was Pierre Hermé 's Macaron Ispahan. Since then I became passionate for its incredible aroma and savor. I have to confess that I always was passionate for roses too. When I was a little girl every time I saw a flower shop I wanted a rose bouquet. I used to look at my mom eyes and she already knew my desire. For me it is a pleasure to see my roses reign its exuberant beauty on a vase at the dinner table. It is a delight. I am able to spend hours admiring them. This brings me such a peace and happy feeling.

So, I’m quite sure that if knew about this cake when I was a child, definitely it would be my favorite one. Its flavors are so delicate. The rose scented strawberries and watermelon are also perfect with the cream. Lovely.

Strawberry and watermelon cake
(from Australian Gourmet Traveller)

250 gm  
seedless watermelon, thinly sliced
60 ml (¼ cup)  
4 tbsp  
caster sugar
40 gm  
almond meal
500 gm  
strawberries (about 2 punnets), halved
seedless red grapes, halved
1 tbsp  
slivered pistachios (see note)
1 tbsp  
dried rose petals (see note)
Almond dacquoise
150 gm  
almonds, coarsely chopped
150 gm  
pure icing sugar, sieved
135 gm  
caster sugar
Rose-scented cream
300 ml  
thickened cream
30 gm  
caster sugar
2 tbsp  

For almond dacquoise, preheat oven to 200C. 
Process almonds in a food processor until finely ground, then combine in a bowl with icing sugar. 
Whisk eggwhites in an electric mixer until soft peaks form (3-4 minutes), 
then gradually add caster sugar and whisk until stiff peaks form (1-2 minutes). 
Gently fold through almond mixture, spread on a 30cm x 40cm oven 
tray lined with baking paper and bake until golden (10-15 minutes). 
Set aside to cool on tray, then cut in half lengthways.

Arrange watermelon slices in a single layer on a wire rack.
Sprinkle with 20ml rosewater, then scatter with 2 tbsp sugar. 
Stand to macerate (30 minutes), then pat dry with absorbent paper.
Meanwhile, for rose-scented cream, whisk cream and sugar in an
electric mixer until soft peaks form, gradually add rosewater and 
whisk until stiff peaks form (do not over-whisk).

Spread one-third of rose cream evenly over one half of dacquoise,
scatter with half the almond meal, then top with watermelon,
trimming to fill any gaps. 
Scatter over remaining almond meal, spread over half remaining cream. 
Top with remaining dacquoise, spread over remaining cream and 
refrigerate until firm (1-2 hours).

Combine strawberries, remaining rosewater and remaining sugar in a bowl,
toss to combine and set aside to macerate (15 minutes).
Carefully arrange on top of cake, gently pushing into cream.
Trim edges of cake, scatter over grapes, pistachios and petals, and serve. 

Serves 8. Cooking Time Prep time 45 mins, cook 15 mins (plus cooling, macerating, chilling) 


  1. Beautiful cake with a beautiful pictures..I enjoyed this post very much!!

  2. Beautiful Lu! Really interesting combination of taste and gorgeous pictures as always!

  3. This does have my interest, such a wonderful blend of flavors and so stunning. Thanks for sharing this lovely and unique cake.

  4. What an unusual cake. Fabulous job on this one.

  5. Que diferente! fiquei curiosa pra provar.

  6. The flavours sound amazing! Such a beautiful cake too.

  7. Realmente diferente, adorei! Nunca imaginei um bolo com melancia! As fotos com as rosas ficaram lindas demais! Bjo Luisa



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