Candy Cane Brigadeiro

Who would say that a simple sugar candy originated around 1600’s in Europe to decorate Christmas trees would become one of the most traditional Christmas symbol. These peppermint flavored sticks has sweetened the holidays in many ways: cake, cupcake, cookie, brownie, bark, macaron and why not say brigadeiro.

Brigadeiro is a classic Brazilian treat presented in almost our celebrations. It is basically made with sweetened condensed milk, chocolate and butter. To my version of candy cane brigadeiro, I added peppermint oil and coated with crushed candy cane. I prepared two flavors, one with bittersweet chocolate and another with white chocolate.  I really enjoyed those combinations and I hope they sweeten your Christmas too.

Candy Cane Brigadeiro

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
100g bittersweet chocolate (I used Callebaut Belgian Chocolate) - or 100g white chocolate to make the white chocolate version
teaspoon peppermint oil

Pour the condensed milk into a medium saucepan and place over low heat.
Add the chocolate, butter and peppermint oil. Stir the mixture until it starts to show the bottom of the pan while you scrape it with a spoon. The mixture should be thick enough to show the bottom of the pan for a few seconds before the mixture back again. Transfer to a greased bowl. Let it cool, make little balls and then coated with crushed candy cane.


  1. They are so cute!!! Brigadeiros are the best Luciana, and your Christmas version is absolutely fantastic. You rock!

  2. Spectacular photos, and oh, so festive!

  3. Brigadeiro não tem como ser ruim né? Esses de Natal então....LINDOS! E o paninho vermelho de crochê??? Que coisa mais fofa! Parabéns! Beijos Luisa

  4. They look amazing! I have to tell you....the top picture of the candy canes is BY FAR the prettiest Christmas picture I've seen all year!

  5. Perfect! I love candy canes, Paulo loves brigadeiro (duh!), so this is a winning combination. Love the pictures, as always!

  6. I just discovered your beautiful blog and am surprised and delighted to find that we live in the same town! Your photos are beautiful. Wishing you much success.



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