Easter Season

Spring is almost upon us and from one day to the next everything can change, offering a range of new colors, scents, flavors and experiences. How good it is opening windows to feel the fresh air and also to admire the birds singing.  Spring is certainly for me the most exhilarating season.

Beyond these wonderful things, spring also means Easter season. Decorating Easter eggs is one of the better ways to celebrate it. I started this sunny week here in Beachwood, OH painting some eggs and also making a chocolate egg decorated with sugar blossoms

To paint the eggs, I used water-based acrylic colors. To make the sugar blossoms, I used the small, medium and large blossom ejectors impression strips from Wilton. But this is just the beginning. Many decorated eggs are coming soon!

I hope you enjoy the springtime!

Tip Junkie handmade projects


  1. Oh my goodness, you are AMAZING! The colors are great -- the epitome of Spring. Beautiful!

  2. Sooooo beautiful. I want to be in your world... must be so pretty and gorgeous. :-)

  3. Yes, it is lovely this time of year! I just blogged about my new egg cups actually! :) They look like little tiny tea cups, I love them!

  4. Wow, as always your creations and photos have me blown away! These are all just gorgeous. Happy spring!!

  5. Amiga, estou super desatualizada!! Que post lindo! Que cores!! Como a Nami falou "I want to be in your world!!" Bjocas querida

  6. Stunning is too humble of a word to describe this. Lulu, you're a real artist!



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