A Guest Post: Rolinhos de Mamão Verde

Hi everyone! I’m sharing a traditional sweet treat from Brazil at A Clove o Garlic, a Pinch of Salt blog. It was a pleasure for me to prepare my first guest post to Tiffany! Her blog is amazing and I love the way she writes about the Brazilian culture specially the food. Check it out this papaya recipe  here.


  1. That looks just sensational! Each one of your creations is more gorgeous than the last. Off to check out your guest post!

  2. I was telling my sister-in-law tonight about your post and how amazing it looks and she said that one of her clients (she is a lawyer in Ribeirao Preto) just gave her some the other day... and that it was FABULOUS. I will definitely try to make this happen one day soon!

    Thanks so much again for sharing!!! Sorry it didn't go up when it was planned, I scheduled it but forget to hit "post". Silly me!

  3. I'm excited to check it out. Your photos is stunning!!!!!!!

  4. Saw this recipe on Tiffany's blog and had to came here. I so, miss Minas Gerais right now! Everything you make is just stunning Luciana!!

  5. que demais, Lu! obra de arte



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